Folk Tales of Wales

Dare you disturb sleeping dragons?

Our tour of folk tales, myths and legends focuses on those old stories passed down from generation to generation. Using Eirwen Jones' "Folk Tales of Wales" (1947) we explore some of the locations of her tales, recite the yarns and experience a sense of wonder at the beautiful places that we will visit. Depending on where we start, our tour could include the exploits of the Brecon Elves, the changeling of Llanwrtyd or Aberystwyth's Fairy Salve. Alternatively we may delve into the tale of Hywel and the Mermaid, the physicians of Myddfai or Morwen of the Woodlands. If you're interested in "otherliness" or just the rich oral history that we have in Wales, then join our peregrination of discovery amidst the myths and legends of Wales!

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