FForest Fawr Geopark

Sgwd yr Eira, Waterfall, Fforest Fawr, Geopark Sgwd yr Eira ~ The Spout of Snow, Waterfall Country, Fforest Fawr Geopark

Fforest Fawr ~ The Great Forest Geopark contains a fascinating range of geological and geomorphological landforms. On this specialist tour we'll seek out a timeline from ancient Devonian sandstones, through Carboniferous limestone to the Coal Measures. We'll also look at the more recent effects of water erosion and weathering, studying a host of "karst" landscape features. Finally we'll investigate the effect of rivers in the stunning "Waterfall Country" of the Geopark. If you have an interest in geology or geography, then this tour will fire your enthusiasm! And you will be led by a newly-qualified Geopark Ambassador who will ooze knowledge and passion for the area.

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