"Observations on the River Wye"

Wye, Yat, Gilpin, picturesque The River Wye from Yat Rock. Gilpin developed the concept of the "Picturesque".

William Gilpin undertook his Wye Tour in the summer of 1770. In his "Observations on the River Wye and several parts of South Wales, etc. relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty", Gilpin popularised the Wye as a chief destination for wealthy visitors who wished to investigate the character and beauty of the lower Wye valley. Our tour, which can include a river tour from Symond's Yat, will visit such beauty spots as Yat Rock, Goodrich Castle, Welsh Bicknor and Biblins. Bring a sketch pad if you wish to! Atristic or not, you will enjoy a day out amidst the beauty of the picturesque. For more information on Gilpin and the Wye Tour, click here.

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