Moira & Brian, Orkney

Your tour Rob was simply wonderful. I just wanted to wander a bit in the wee villages, poke about in churches, gaze at the countryside and all things growing, and all in an unhurried fashion. Amazing how much we saw actually. There were no tourists, and all was Christmassy, which made it extra special. 


Brian says his highlight was the lovely pub we had lunch in; we would never have found that ourselves. They did 3 of their own brews, and he had the winter one, Simpsons Old English! The pub atmosphere was so like we imagined a perfect English pub. The owners talking to the folk, and then a family with children came in for lunch, and all was perfect. My pork sandwich was delicious. We don't see that in Scotland. I loved the cream first ever proper cream tea. Brian got a row for not putting jam on his scone...but he didn't really know about a cream tea...he does now!
It was a bit like spending the day with an old friend. I think you get to an age where you can't really take in too many facts and figures anymore, and you don't want to, but at the same time you want new experiences too. It was just the right mix Rob, a perfect day out, and good food and afternoon tea, just a bonus.
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