Jenny & Brett, Philapdelphia


My parents planned a 50th wedding anniversary trip to Wales for the entire family. The group included 15 people ranging in age from 71 to 10. While I was excited to celebrate with my parents and travel with our family...the notion of all 15 of us in a van traveling the backroads of Wales together for 2 weeks was - well - daunting. No one but Rob could have navigated us literally and figuratively through the wonders of Wales with such good humor, charm, patience, knowledge, and experience. Rob found a way to connect with each of us - finding activities to appeal to all ages and sharing with us every day an authentic experience in Wales. Pubs, hiking, canoeing, tea, festivals, historical sites, archeology, and more. Wales itself is a breath of fresh air in this busy world and a wonderful spot for vacation. Rob brings the experience to life. I've traveled the world and seen many amazing sites and big cities, but thanks to Rob one of my favorite places will always be the quiet beauty and charm of Mid Wales and the River Wye. I can't recommend Exploring Mid Wales more highly!

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