Guided Tours at Llangoed

Hay-on-Wye - "Town of Books"

We have selected five tours that are designed to give you a real flavour of the Brecon Beacons National Park and the surrounding countryside of Mid Wales. We'll seek out those "secret places", discover the "hidden gems", the places known only to the few. We pride ourselves in being able to explain what lies behind what stands before us. If you've a taste for finding out more then please join us for a guided tour of Mid Wales.

The Dragon's Back, Black Mountains

Around The Black Mountains

The Black Mountains are a range of whale-backed hills lying astride the Welsh English border. They've inspired novels and poetry with their contrasting wild ridges and deep, mysterious valleys. On this tour we will circumnavigate the hills, visiting a string of a villages along the northern skirts of the hills, before plunging deep inside the range by crossing The Gospel Pass. Beyond lies the Vale of Ewyas, which has inspired generations to spiritual fulfillment.

Pen y Fan and Corn Du, Brecon Beacons

Bounding the Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are the highest land in southern Britain. Go east and you'll find no land higher until you reach the Russian Urals! On the tour we will drive right around the central Beacons; we will discover what made the Victorians build a tramway right over the mountains, why the Beacons have such a distinctive shape and and look how we are currently loving them to death! But, most of all, we'll enjoy the waterfalls, the forests and the beauty of our most distinctive of mountains.

Raglan Castle

Castles and Conflict!

This tour focuses on the past; a past in which Celts and Romans, Vikings and Saxons, Welsh and Normans have fought over this borderland. We will look at the camps, forts and castles that ring this landscape. From the mysterious hill forts to King Edward's magnificent stone castles, we'll discover more of the story behind the ruins.

Big Pit, Blaenavon


Llangoed sits close to one of the most distinctive boundaries in British social geography. Barely five miles away lies the South Wales coalfield which saw the first glimmerings of the Industrial Revolution. Iron Ore, coal, limestone and plentiful water supplies came together to form the cradle of changes that would revolutionise the world. On this tour we will look at the effect of these changes on the landscape and the people of the area. We will also look at the more recent changes as the Valleys have sought to deal with de-industrialization and diversification.

Cwm Elan, Cambrian Mountains

The Heart of Wales

On this tour we will travel further north out of the National Park. We'll explore the so-called "Empty Heart of Wales". In the Cambrian Mountains we will find solitude and tranquility. We will drive along empty roads, roads that barely see any traffic. The views will be far-reaching as will the impact this special area will have upon you. We will look at the Elan Valley, where mankind has attempted to harness nature with beautiful effect.

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