The People of The Black Mountains

Y Grib, Black Mountains The Black Mountains

This tour circumvents The Black Mountains in search of the locations and characters found in "The People of The Black Mountains", by Raymond Williams (1989). The two volumes, originally planned as a trilogy, evoke a strong image of these wild and remote borderlands. This tour will enable you to "feel" the landscape and enhances William's wonderful text.

The books are a collection of short stories,all based in and around The Black Mountains, stretching back 25,000 years and up to the present day. We will set out from Hay and travel around, over and deep within these mountains.

See this layered sandstone in the short mountain grass. Place your right hand on it, palm downward. See where the summer sun rises and where it stands at noon....Press your fingers close on the lichened sandstone. With this stone and this grass, with this red earth, this place was received and made and remade. Its generations are distinct but all suddenly present. (Williams, 1989)

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