Guided Tours at The Metropole

Caban Coch dam, Elan Valley

We have selected six tours that are designed to give you a real flavour of the surrounding countryside of Mid Wales. We'll seek out those "secret places", discover the "hidden gems", the places known only to the few. We pride ourselves in being able to explain what lies behind what stands before us. If you've a taste for finding out more then please join us for a guided tour of Mid Wales.

Garreg Ddu dam, Elan Valley

Elan Valley

A wonder of Victorian engineering, the Elan Valley dams provide water for the Birmingham area. The whole 72 square mile estate has been conserved and is a haven for wildlife and tranquility. Our specially designed tour for Metropole guests will take you around the dams but so much more. We'll find the secret places - those few know or ever visit. Ideally we will do a little walking but even if that's not possible, you'll still get a real flavour of this unique landscape. We'll explore why this site was chosen by the engineers and uncover some of the fascinating history of the valley. The area is so unspoilt it has won "Dark Skies Park" status and if you would like a tour that gives you the chance to pause, think or just be, then we can arange that for you on your very own, bespoke tour.

Marteg valley, Radnorshire

Around Radnorshire

With fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, Radnorshire is the least populous of Wales' traditional thirteen counties. It encompasses a delightful range of scenery; from the wild uplands of the Cambrian Mountains to the lush pasturelands close to the English border. Historically too, Radnorshire is full of interest and contrast. As befits borderlands long fought over, we have ancient camps and forts, castles and churches, battlefields and even the longest  earthwork in the country - Offa's Dyke - built by the Mercian King in the eighth century. Our tour begins at the Metroploe's Front Door as we investigate the Victorian spa town of Llandrindod Wells. We will then tour the old county in a clockwise direction, visiting the market towns of Rhayader, Knighton and Presteigne while making sure we have plenty of time to soak up the uniquely rural character of Wales' most unspoilt county.

Pen y Fan and Corn Du, the highest peaks of the Brecon Beacons

Bounding the Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are the highest land in southern Britain. Go east and you'll find no land higher until you reach the Russian Urals! On the tour we will drive right around the central Beacons; we will discover what made the Victorians build a tramway right over the mountains, why the Beacons have such a distinctive shape and and look how we are currently loving them to death! But, most of all, we'll enjoy the waterfalls, the forests and the beauty of our most distinctive of mountains.

Cwm Elan and the mountain road.

The Green Heart of Wales - encircling the Cambrian Mountains

The Elenydd, or Cambrian Mountains, lie at the heart of Wales. They are remote, unpopulated and largely untouched by modern developments. The appeal of the Elenydd lies in the far reaching vistas, the utter quiet, the peacefulness, the sense of "other-ness". Our tour will not rush; we will sedately tour around the range, using remote mountain passes to cross and re-cross the wild uplands of the Cambrian Mountains. We will include a beautiful ruined monastry or two, the site of old lead mines, explore the potential for renewable energy here but, above all, when you return to the comforts of the Metropole, you will have had an experience the like of which will be hard to replicate.  

Borth lies close to the mouth of the stunningly beautiful Dyfi estuary.

Coastal Mid Wales

Mid Wales can boast one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the country and yet it is relatively little known. On this bespoke tour we can take you to two gorgeous estuaries - the Dyfi and the Mawddach. In addition we could experience the diverse ecosystems around Ynyslas National Nature Reserve, explore the cliff retreat near Borth and enjoy the beaches, given the weather. This tour will be at your pace, so whether you prefer a frenetic, pack-it-all-in pace or would rather see less but experience more, we can arrange the day for you. The only thing fixed in this tour is that when you return to the delights of The Metropole, you will have had a fulfilling day!

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