Guided Bike Rides at The Metropole

Family Cycle Trail, Elan Valley

Gentle Off Road Cycling - Elan Valley

Built on the track of the former Elan valley railway, the family cycle trail gives a great introduction to the Elan Valley and allows for a safe, traffic-free ride. We can arrange hire cycles for you and will guide you from the quaint market town of Rhayader into the Elan valley. All gradients are gentle, there's a tea room at the top of the ride and a cafe below the bottom dam so this is a lovely day out on two wheels. We'll pick you up at the hotel and in 15 minutes we'll be getting on the bikes! If you're very keen we can avoid returning the same way by taking to the mountain road, but that is a lot more strenuous! If you'd like to book this guided cycle ride now, click here.

10 miles - gentle off-road cycling.


Gentle lane cycling in Radnorshire

Gentle lane cycling - The Ithon Valley Tour

Radnorshire, surrounding Llandrindod, abounds in country lanes. These are roads that have only light traffic and are ideal for an introduction to this part of Mid Wales. We will start at the hotel and can arrange hire bikes to be brought to you. While every tour is entirely flexible our recommendation is that we explore the Ithon Valley. We will head  along the valley exploring villages and historical sites. When you've had enough, we'll let the "train take the strain" by using the Heart of Wales Line service to bring us back to Llandrindod and the comfort of the Metropole. Click here to book this guided cycle tour.

10 - 20 miles Gentle on-road cycling

Radnorshire roads offer long stretches of beautiful, light-traffic roads

Radnor Ring National Cycle Route 825

If you fancy a long day out on the bike, the Radnor Ring could be for you. It's possible to shorten the day, of course, but the Radnor Ring gives a gorgeous day out in the countryside as we circle the Radnor Forest. We can get you a hire bike and will be ready to start as soon as you've had a hearty early breakfast! If you're a keen road cyclist, this will be a day to remember. If you're less keen, allow us to suggest a ride a little less strenuous! If you would like to book a guided cycle ride, click here.

84 miles. Very strenuous on-road cyling


Off-Road cycling in Mid Wales

Mountain Biking around the Elan Valley

The hills west of Rhayader encompass some of the best mountain biking in Wales and we would be pleased to help you discover the delights of mountain biking in this area. We can arrange mountain bike hire for you and barely 15 minutes after leaving the hotel we can have you in the saddle, raring to go! Our guided rides are entirely flexible but needless to say, off road routes involve plenty of uphill as well as those fast downhill sections. We use old bridleways and byways to uncover the hidden gems of these hills and we'll certainly take you away from the well known haunts of the car-bound majority. Click here to book a mountain biking guided tour.

10 - 30 miles. Strenuous mountain biking

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